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30th December 2013


Apparently it’s my first tumblr birthday. I’ve attempted celebrating by tagging all of my posts using the mass post editor but got bored. I’ve also posted the link to my tumblr publicly. I might try finding a better theme, too.  (Tumblr birthday, really? Talk about procrastination!)

30th December 2013

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30th December 2013

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pumpkin-butts said: Can you give me some advice on going vegan on a strict budget? I'm the anon from before, and I've been convinced that animal products are what is killing our planet-but I'm poor as sin and need help starting.


I’m poor as hell too! Here are some staple foods I always recommend to others - they last a long time and are nutritious (full of protein, carbs, etc)!

  • tinned beans and dried pulses of various kinds
  • vegetables (particularly seasonal ones) - can be tinned or frozen
  • potatoes
  • pasta and noodles - dry lasts longer
  • rice - again, dry :)
  • bread (wholemeal is best from a health point of view) - can be frozen
  • dried herbs and spices (if you enjoy a kick or extra flavour)
  • seasonal fruit 
  • soya mince

These ingredients may not sound hugely exciting on their own but can be used to make a wide variety of dishes such as chillies, curries, stir fries, wraps, pasta dishes and so on, so it’s possible to have plenty of variety too.

Staples such as soya milk and vegan-suitable margarine are similar prices to their dairy equivalents, particularly if you go for supermarket own-brand soya milk (which is often cheaper than the equivalent cow’s milk). I am not a fan of soya milk myself and instead buy rice milk for its creamier taste, but again the prices are similar or cheaper than milk is anyway. Frozen veggie burgers and sausages are often fairly inexpensive, particularly supermarket own-brand products (check the labels before buying though as not all ‘veggie’ products are vegan). For example, Tesco and Asda do their own meat free ranges, and do a yummy selection of veggie burgers (tesco are actually amazing for vegans now all of a sudden, and I haven’t struggled to find cheap sausages, veggie burgers, and other mock products - they are usually on sale too such as buy one get one half price, and they just stay in my freezer for ages.

Here is a (hopefully you’ll find) positive testimony about going vegan on a budget too - for example, a vegan university student wrote an article here about how she saved a lot of money compared to her omnivorous friends (around £10 a week).

She says:

But make no mistake: vegans can live healthily shopping only at supermarkets. A number of supermarkets now have vegan product lists and most label their food accordingly. With lactose free and meat free products on the rise, I can make Thai curries, pasta bakes, greasy burgers and nutty risottos. Even cheesecakes are doable.”

She also adds that you’re not alone if your family and friends fail to understand your ‘sudden’ life choice. However if you can find a budget and a good meal plan for you, veganism is a fantastic lifestyle. It is certainly not just a diet, but I appreciate that expenses and worries about where to get foods are very real.

  • There are more expensive ‘specialist’ products such as vegan cheese, vegan meat equivalents etc, but they’re not a necessary part of a vegan diet.  Health-wise it’s better to view these as occasional additions to your diet rather than staple foods.This doesn’t mean that a vegan diet is ‘expensive’ – if you based a non-vegan diet on expensive cheeses and cuts of meat, the cost would soon add up too!
  • If you have access to a freezer, you can make up several portions of a curry, chilli or casserole with a big bag of supermarket ‘basics’ vegetables or potatoes and freeze some.  This is much cheaper than buying ready meals and is also convenient in that you can just reheat a meal in the microwave if you don’t have time to cook.
  • Frozen vegetables can sometimes be cheaper than fresh, for example frozen peppers, broccoli or spinach, and taste just as good.  They also keep for longer, meaning you don’t end up throwing any away. 

There are a lot of resources on here thankfully for going vegan on a budget - I’ll bring up some links <3

Vegan-on-a-budget blog with categories about different types of food/recipes

Cheap meal ideas

More cheap meal ideas and tips on saving money

Cheap vegan on tumblr!

And if you’re REALLY stuck for cash, there’s a book for that!


Good luck and I hope this is helps! xx

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30th December 2013

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noot noot

Noot Noot snail gets me through the day



noot noot

Noot Noot snail gets me through the day

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30th December 2013

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I finally processed the information on the leads for the top 250 grossing films (I’m going to do 500 in all), and I have some really, really great facts:

  • Of the films, 209 starred a straight white man, or had a straight white male voice actor. This translates to 83.6% of all these films having a straight white male protagonist.
  • This left only 41 films with a protagonist who was a person of colour and/or woman (no films had a queer protagonist).  This translated to 16.4% of all the films. 
  • "So what? Straight white men are the majority group in America." a) no, the largest demographic group in America is actually technically straight white women, and b) not by 83.6% they fucking aren’t. 
  • If we look at American demographics (America is where these films are being made and mostly marketed for, after all) we find that only 31.3% of people in the USA are straight white men, while 68.7% are not. 
  • This means that 31.3% of the US population is recieving 83.6% of the representation, and the remaining 68.7% majority are squabbling over the remaining 16.4%. That’s unbelievably, amazingly shit. 

BUT: The world isn’t split into straight white men and everyone else, so let’s break this down further. Of the 41 films left over for the rest of us:

  • 10 starred a straight black man. (8 of these leads were played by Will Smith.), making up 2.5% of all the films. 
  • 26 starred a straight white woman, making up 10.4% of all the films.
  • 2 films starred straight South Asian men, making up 0.8% of the films.
  • 1 film starred an East Asian man and 1 starred a Middle Eastern man - 0.4% of the films each.
  • A grand total of ONE of the 250 highest grossing films of all time stars a woman of colour. Scraping in at number 242, and made in 1995, it’s Pocahontas; which is racist as fuck and demeans the memory of a real Native American woman. Fantastic. It’ll also probably have fallen out of the top 250 by the next year, while no other films with WoC leads seem likely to replace it.
  • This means that huge demographic groups are missing. 16.3% of people in the US identify as Latin@, and not a single film on this list has a Latin@ protagonist.
  • Roughly 10% of the US identifies as LGBT+. None of these films has a queer protagonist. 
  • The reason that these films are so high grossing is because of the marketing they recieve. Studios are putting all of their money into films with straight white men, preventing casting of women and people of colour and just generally fucking people over; but this isn’t any necessary indication of what people are willing to see at all. It’s worth noting that the single most successful actor on that list is Will Smith. People are clearly willing to pay out money to watch Will Smith doing stuff, and studios are backing this and enabling more and more films of Will Smith (and his son) doing more and more stuff. His popularity shows fairly clearly that cinemagoers are definitely willing to watch (and probably actively demanding of, seeing as people of colour and white women are more likely to go to the cinema) men of colour in film, and the success of franchises such as Twilight and The Hunger Games shows audiences backing white women (women of colour have yet to be given a real chance). As such, we can definitively say that this is especially a problem with Hollywood, and withe the people making these films - a problem which obviously needs to change.

Tl; dr: Representation in Hollywood is really, really shit. 

  • Straight white men are 31.3% of the population, 83.6% of the leads. Lucky bastards.
  • People of colour are 28.6% of the population, 6.4% of the leads (2.8% if you remove Will Smith, thanks Will.)
  • Women are 51% of the population, 10.8% of the leads. 
  • There’s no intersection here. If you’re a woman of colour, a queer woman and/or queer person of colour, then you’re getting fuck all.

Just in case you had any doubt of just how little representation most of the population are getting.

And no mention of persons with disabilities at all.

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30th December 2013

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In the United States as well as some other nations, though, excessive work has become the primary mode of doing things, and not just the expected and assumed mode, but also the fashionable one. The longer you work, the more busy and important you are, and clearly, the better an asset you are to your company. People compete to get the longest hours, making a point of complaining about how much they’re working so they can crow about how much they work without outright saying it. And people sicken and die, both in the United States and elsewhere, as they trap themselves in their offices instead of maintaining a healthy work-life balance; stock traders drop dead at their desks from stress, in part brought on by overwork along with the demands of their jobs.

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30th December 2013

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There’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.
— Arundhati Roy (via trashedy)

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27th December 2013

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"as an African…" [x] - Chimamanda Adichie’s “The Danger of a Single Story”gif

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27th December 2013

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i wanna get super rich so i can do cool stuff like tip waiters $1000 or pay off people’s student loans for fun

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27th December 2013

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"Why can’t we all just get along?" is not a political stance. It oversimplifies the situation while shifting equal blame onto the parties involved, completely ignoring the context of the conflict at hand. Peace cannot be achieved by turning a blind eye to wrongdoings because you don’t want to analyze a situation.

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27th December 2013

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fun tip: say ‘another gender’ instead of ‘the opposite gender’ and crush the binary beneath your feet

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27th December 2013

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Tumblr, teaching more about rape culture than they do in school

27th December 2013

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So I made this thing and I’m pretty proud of it, haha.

17th December 2013

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“I am more than just a naked prostitute who smokes crack” →




I generally shy away from posting nude pictures. I don’t want to fall into clichés and stereotypes. Many women do ask me to take them.

When I do take them I rarely post them.

That is unfair of me. By holding the pictures back I am inserting my own bias into the narrative.

The years…

14th December 2013

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There are no Jack Kerouacs or Holden Caulfields for girls. Literary girls don’t take road-trips to find themselves; they take trips to find men.

"Great" books, as defined by the Western canon, didn’t contain female protagonists I could admire. In fact, they barely contained female protagonists at all.

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